Why Choose Us

Complete Heath Dentistry

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true, then the mouth is the front door. Our mouths are a gateway for illness, affecting the wellness of our entire body.  Dental bacteria has been shown to play a contributing role in many serious health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke and even Alzheimer’s. What’s even scarier? The Surgeon General reports that 80% of Indian adults have gum disease. That’s four out of every five people! It’s because of this direct link between the wellness of the mouth and the wellness of the body that high-quality dental care is so crucial. At Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic we take a comprehensive approach to dentistry, building a healthy body from the foundation of a healthy mouth – a true focus on total health.  Healthy gums lower our risk for developing diabetes, pancreatic cancer and kidney cancer, while gum therapy improves blood vessel health and helps prevent heart attack and stroke. This is because the same plaque that builds up on our teeth can build up in our arteries and heart, creating blockages.   Proper dental care calls for a visit to the dentist twice a year. This is likely more often than you see any other physician, especially if you’re generally in good health. Complete health dentistry means your dentist can spot warning signs and even diagnose dangerous health conditions while you’re in the chair, sometimes when you’re completely unaware there’s a problem.

Relationship Based Dental Practice

When was the last time your doctor gave you his cell phone number? We’re willing to bet it wasn’t recently. Do you have the personal email address of your dental hygienist? Not likely. When choosing a dentist, you want someone you can reach in an emergency. A team that’s available and accommodating when you have follow-up questions, even when it’s after 5 or on a weekend.  The staff at Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic offers unmatched accessibility–and not just when we’re on the clock. It’s what sets us apart. Our practice was built upon forming solid, lasting relationships with our patients. There’s a reason our longstanding clients have been coming back to our for years.  It’s because we’re accessible and we truly care about our patients.

Not Corporately owned

Chew on this: more and more dental practices are being bought up by corporate entities and venture capitalists. Why? You guessed it–to make a profit. When you’re focused on the bottom line, it’s impossible to provide the superior level of care we strive for every day at Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic. Instead, it becomes all about the numbers. The problem for consumers is that you can’t always readily tell if a practice is corporately owned. Sometimes, the business is bought out but retains the same name it had under private ownership. Ask questions and do a little background research to find out the ownership details of any practice you’re considering using. Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic is not and never will be corporately owned. After all, is rock-bottom pricing really a quality you want in your dental work? Do you like seeing the same faces when you visit?  Yep, we do too in our own lives. Seeing a familiar face - even at the dental office - is comforting. Not only do patients like coming here, but our team LOVES working here. And when you're passionate and love your job , well, great things happen daily!

Warranty and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

It may be uncommon to offer a warranty in the dental industry, but at Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic we put our money where our, um, mouth is.  We stand by our work. We’d venture to guess that you won’t find many practices who can offer the same. Patient satisfaction is one of our main goals as it pertains to your care.  We understand that everyone makes mistakes. We admit that sometimes, that includes us. But rest assured that if something goes wrong, we’re going to do everything in our power to make it right.

Convenient Location

We all look for a practice that’s close to where we spend the most time or along one of the major roads we travel regularly. When we’re rushing from a business meeting to make it to that dentist appointment you almost forgot about, you’ll be glad to have chosen an office that’s right around the corner. Also, another cool aspect is that the building offers street-level parking.  Easy access by a lift.  Everyone appreciates convenience and efficiency....even when it comes to parking.  Convenience - now that’s something to smile about.

Top Reviewed. Top Rated...but we're not bragging

What’s the first thing you do when you’re thinking of using a business?  You Google them. Your dentist should be no different. Online reviews are honest and straightforward–a great way to get an unfiltered look at what other patients really think of a company. We’ll let our satisfied patients do the talking.

Awards and Training

If you want an award-winning smile, you need an award-winning dentist. As you’re considering a physician, check out his or her accolades, industry honors and special certifications. If they’re not displayed prominently on the website or in the office, ask about them! Some of the significant industry organizations to look for include the Indian Dental Association, the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics, the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, International College of Dentists, Pierre Fauchard Academy, amongst others. These organizations each have a rigorous process for evaluating dental professionals. They select members that have demonstrated a commitment to continuously advancing their education, attention to detail, and clinical excellence in the field of dentistry. Our doctors have won countless “Best of Show” awards in cosmetic dentistry competitions, and our team includes three doctors with the prestigious distinction of fellow. We’re constantly participating in continued education programs to learn to use the newest technologies and stay abreast of industry best practices. Simply put, we’re committed to being the best in the business

Team of Masters. Master Dentists, Master Ceramists

It may seem counterintuitive, but an office that offers too many services can be a red flag. Ever heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none?” A dentist who does root canals all day probably isn’t the best candidate to be crafting your porcelain veneers, but it happens all the time. Legally, a licensed dentist can perform any dentistry procedure–from extractions to gum surgery to orthodontics–and a few minutes later do a cosmetic procedure like porcelain crowns or veneers. It’s similar to asking an expert bricklayer who built your home to also choose your window coverings and the perfect fabric for your living room sofa. It sounds crazy. While the two disciplines are related, they’re completely different areas of expertise. This is why it’s important to seek out a team of masters. Our doctors don’t dabble. We have three dentists on staff, each with his or her specific area of proficiency. In cosmetic dentistry, being a master ceramist is equally important as being a master dentist. A master ceramist is trained in the science of smile design (yes, that’s a thing), making sure each tooth is expertly crafted for the mouth and face it will belong to. Once your ideal smile design is laid out, our team uses the finest, ultra-thin ceramics to create beautiful pearly whites–none of those dreaded “Chicklet teeth”!

In-house Procedures

Speaking of expertise, it’s a good idea to find out which procedures a dentist manages in-house and which they refer elsewhere. For example, you might show up for your bi-annual cleaning, only to find out you also need a root canal or an extraction. Instead of it being handled by the dentist you know and trust, you’ll need to make a separate appointment somewhere else. This means taking more time off work and dealing with the hassle of finding an unfamiliar office, which is far from convenient. Here’s another tricky situation: dentists know that most patients don’t like being referred out to other doctors. As a result, some will try to perform procedures that are outside of their comfort zone to keep the patient happy. As we discussed earlier, this isn’t a good thing. You don’t want someone who typically handles routine cleanings to be in charge of, say, selecting the perfect implant tooth color to match with your existing smile. When choosing a dentist, you want to be sure the person working on your mouth has extensive experience with the procedure at hand. It should be something they specialize in doing regularly, in-house. Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic has three doctors with diverse skills under one roof, meaning we’re highly-qualified to handle nearly all of your dental needs with all the services in one location.

Awesome Technology

When it comes to your smile, you shouldn’t take shortcuts. Don’t settle for a practice that uses outdated equipment and decade-old technology. After all, if there’s a serious problem, you don’t want it to slide by undetected for another six months. We believe in investing our money back into the practice to offer our patients the most advanced dental technology on the market.

OPG DENTAL IMAGING CENTRE We use cutting-edge x-ray imaging, also known as ORTHO PANTO GRAM, to place implants, conduct extractions and diagnose infections with more precision than ever before. Typical dental x-rays focus only on your teeth, and we have to take a separate exposure for each angle we need to see. This is instrumental in helping our doctors better diagnose problems and recognize warning signs for dangerous dental and health conditions.

Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic. Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Wouldn’t it be nice to say ahh while you “say ahhh”? A trip to the dentist can be stressful, even scary. Your dentist’s office should be a calming place that makes you feel relaxed. There’s no sitting shoulder-to- shoulder in rigid classroom chairs like you do in some other offices. From the moment you walk in our door, we want you to feel like you’re in the home of a good friend. Comfy couches, a television, and a childrens play area, polished hardwood floors are offset by soft colors that create a soothing environment. That’s our goal–to take a step away from the standard cold, clinical setting in favor of a warm, welcoming environment. It’s an experience for all five senses; we even work to make sure it doesn’t smell like a dentist’s office. If you’re still feeling tense, one of our friendly staff members is always nearby to answer questions and put your mind at ease.

Tick-Tock. Little to No Wait Time

Your time is important, plain and simple. But unfortunately, when it comes to the medical industry, adhering to a schedule seems to go out the window. When you have an appointment with your dentist, the team should be ready and waiting for your visit, not the other way around. The waiting room of Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic is usually empty—and for good reason. The majority of the time, we see a patient within minutes of arrival. If not, we consider ourselves late and do everything we can do to get back on schedule. As they say, time is money. We won’t waste yours.

Open and Visible Sterilization Area

In 2013, the dental field was rocked when news broke that Dental practices had spread hepatitis C and HIV through improper sterilization. Some 7,000 patients were put at risk for these life-threatening diseases over the course of six years. That’s enough to make anyone leery of going to the dentist. When choosing a dentist, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing the equipment used will be clean and safe. When sterilization happens behind closed doors, it’s easy to let your mind run wild imagining how the equipment is–or is not–cleaned. Practices with open sterilization are proud of their high standards for cleanliness. At Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic, our sterilization station is a focal point of our office. We show it off on our office tours and are happy to demonstrate our stringent sterilization practices. In fact, it’s a point of pride among our staff.

The Golden Rule

The bottom line is this: you want to choose a dentistry team that truly cares. A team that’s accessible and responds to your needs. One that checks in on you after a procedure to make sure everything is going as planned, even after our office doors have closed for the evening. The dedicated staff at Dr. Bhim Sain’s Family Dental Clinic lives the golden rule every day. We treat patients exactly as we’d treat our own family members—how we’d hope to be treated if the roles were reversed and we were the ones sitting in the dentist’s chair. It sums up everything about our practice. We do it because we care.